Here a few new fine art female nudes I'm working on...

2 new pics I'm working on, + another...

Female Nude digital fine art, Standing.
Female Nude, Standing, With Cats.

This is computer-developed sketch for a new acrylic/oil on paper, an image of a female nude, standing, accomplished in a traditional-modern style.  I decided to put in a couple of cats for "extra".  I am currently working on a acrylic/oil original painting of the picture.
Female Nude digital fine art, Jean, Standing.
Female Nude, Jean, Standing.
This is an older one, an original computer-developed fine art female nude. I've always liked the colors here.

Female Nude digital fine art sketch, Brigit, Reclining.
Female Nude Fine Art (sketch), Brigit, Reclining.
This is a digital sketch which I did about 2 years ago, but didn't finish the painting; now I'm back working on the painting.

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(This blog will be only fine art nude paintings, sketches, ... No photography, no fakery.)